Monday, April 21, 2008

I haven't made anything new this weekend, but just wanted to say that I'm having an EarthDay Sale!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Working my Toaster Oven to the Bone.

I've made some more Polymer Clay Scarabs...cute little devils...and some more Petroglyph Pendants. Wednesday I made Petroglyph Pendants that look like Rhodochrosite. Todays are Pistacite, pistachio nut coloured Epidote. My Scarabs from today are Sodalite-ish, blue, white and silver.

As for the pictures, the top left is the Pistacite, top right are Scarabs and a frog I made from moulds. The bottom left is the Rhodochrosite, bottom left are todays Scarabs and the one all by it's lonesome is the Scarabs I made the other day that look like Turquoise and Jade. They're all made by hand so they're all different. The clay is handrolled, no wussy pasta machine for me. LOL The colours are all blended and made into ball shapes, then flatten the bottoms and carved. After that I bake the Scarabs. In the case of the Pendants, I roll into balls, then flatten until they're wafer thin. The mould ones are more difficult for me anyways... I can't get all the little bits to show up well, but those Scarabs came out alright...The moulds came in a Make Your Own Egyptian Amulets set that I was given for Christmas a few years ago.

I also found out that my digital camera has loaded editting software on the computer...that helps my picture taking immensely...I can do all sorts of neat things with the pictures but the best thing is the cropping feature so that I can get close up pictures and more details. It's a marvelous thing...too bad I didn't think of it earlier. D'OH!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shrinky Dinks...

These are a Tuxedo Cat and a Siamese Cat Cellphone IPod charms.

Yummy Pepperoni Pizza for your Cellphone or IPod.
These are Calico Cat Earrings.
These earrings are an Owl, and a Sun and Moon hanging off a tree. This is a Haida Raven Pendant.

This is my White Horse of Uffington Pendant.
These were my project for today. I used an idea suggested on an Etsy Techniques and Materials thread. It was about using embossing powder to seal your work. the items came out nicely, even though it was a bit messy...but these were just a trial to see how they did.

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's Monday...

Hi there again...I was working on some of my things last night and I asked for opinions on my items...the best thing I heard was that the littler ones looked like Gummy Bears...NOW THAT made me laugh...I know Bes, one of the Gods that I made would've LOVED that...I think I'll go with colours that are more a turquoise, jade, lapis, earthy shades, and that they look more like the originals...I would LOVE to make Ushabtis...because they're cool. I also think that I'll do them more by hand than by using the moulds...I'm still thinking about things to do...ack...lots of little time...then I got an coupon from Michael's for 20% off your whole order...ohboyohboyoboy!!! LOL

Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Post in my brand new Blog...

Since this is an introduction...let me tell you a bit about myself...

I'm 43, married, have a kid, 2 pet hens and 2 tanks of fish.

I'm one of those people who love to do all sorts of crafts. My bread and butter ones are DreamWeb, my version of DreamCatchers, the most well known Native American craft and Tshirts. My Tshirts have logos on them, but not like "I'm with Stupid" or things like cutesy things either, but if I got the right amount...then maybe. LOL My Shirts have cultural arts on them. Mayan Jaguars, Gods from Egypt, Keltic Symbols and of course, Chickens. Can't forget them.

I'm employed part-time at a chain petshop. I love animals...except dwarf hamsters, scorpions, quaker parrots, and tiger barbs. Scorpions just creep me out badly and I've never heard of a New Englander having to shake out their slippers for fear of scorpions...
I'm also allergic to everything with fur...stupid, huh? But I get my animal fix and come home with hardly any animals...I DO get fish, though. Rather low maintenace pets...

As of now, I haven't gotten any hours at my job, so I've been listing my items on Etsy, a handcrafters paradise...of course, I keep seeing things that I like...but I'm trying to be a good girl.

I also joined POEST, Pagans of Etsy Street Team, a collaborative of Pagans that make crafts on Etsy. Yes, I am a Pagan. I have YET to turn anyone into a toad or any other life form...but there are a few folks that would come up in the world being a lower life form.

The only other things I've been working on has been some pocket amulets and talismans. Having not worked with Polymer clay in a long time, I absolutely Chernobyl-easted the first batch that I made...DO NOT leave the stuff alone in the toaster oven...jes sayin' It will do some funky things if you burn it... I'm also working on some Shrink Plastic Pendants. I have a White Horse of Uffington and a Haida Raven...

That's about it from here. I'll write more soon...I hope.