Friday, May 30, 2014

May Zodiac Bottle~~Taurus~~

May's Traditional Birthstone is the Emerald...try finding some nice real green ones. "Tain't easy!

The name of the Stone could be from a few cultures: Zammorod in Sanskrit, Zumrundi in Persian to Smaragdos in Russian and Greek. I don't see that.

The Emerald is a symbol of Rebirth and Resurrection, probably because it's green like the greening of the earth in the spring when flowers and beasties of all kinds reappear. Emeralds were mined in Egypt starting around 1330 BC during the reign of Ramesses the Great and Kleopatra had some Emeralds in her collection. 
One of the best known historical uses of Emeralds was the crown made from the gold and stones stolen from the last Inka king, Atahualpa by the Spanish in 1532. The crown was an offering to the Virgin Mary for sparing them from a Smallpox epidemic.

These days they can come from Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Norway, Austria, Madagascar or Zambia. In the States, they're mined in North Carolina.

Unfortunately, high quality Emeralds are becoming few and far between, so some unscrupulous folks treat them to increase clarity and colour.

In the Middle Ages, you could foretell the future using an Emerald, allegedly. It was also said to prevent epilepsy, stop bleeding, cure dysentery, and to help the eyes along with protecting the wearer from panic.

One of the Zodiac signs for May is Taurus the Bull. He represents Stamina, Will and Strength.

Taurus goes from April 20-ish to May 20-ish and you WILL know a Taurus by how practical and stick in the mud-ish they can be. They're patient also and make great teachers, instructors, advisors and mentors of all stripes. They DO like to be praised for doing a good job and need routines. Nothing upsets a Taurus more than a monkey wrench in the smoothly running cogwheels of their day.

They are extremely faithful in addition to having strong values.
Their main goal in life is to be secure monetarily, emotionally and in their partnerships. Their Secret Desire is to have a secure, happy and wealthy life/marriage.

The Taurus bottle is crammed full of gemstones, both precious and semiprecious. This one has Lapis Lazuli, an Aquamarine chip, Rose Quartz, and if I can find an Emerald chip, that'll go in too. Same goes for a Ruby Spinel Chip and Bloodstone.