Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More jewelry.

I had a necklace that I made up a couple of years was alright...I liked it and all, but when I went to relist it, I felt that it needed something else...but what...

I dragged out my favourite skein of yarn...oooo...yeah, that might do it.  This yarn is my favourite one EVAH!! It has wine and rust and pine and it's just really wonderful and fall-ish.

Then how to attach it...I wrapped, didn't like that, then tried a few more things..nothing was doing it for me. Then I was like AHA!!

I make Dream Catchers! Duh!! I can try THAT!! It worked perfectly, except for me wrapping myself, the wire, the table, the gluegun, basically anything within a 5 mile radius. I cut the yarn long enough that I wouldn't hafta stop half way through and add more cuz that would screwed me up even more...As it WAS, it took me HOURS to get it right, at least right for ME!

This is what it looks like now:
I really like it now even better. What do you all think?

My actual NEWEST necklace is more, I guess, springy, but it would be fine for any season too.
So it looks like the Irish
Ireland's Flag
I AM an Orangeman...well, I would be if I was a Christian anyways. I just liked the Colours together. I actually bought the orange beads to go with some Snowflake Obsidian focals I bought. But DS didn't like it together...I think he said something like too Halloween-y. pfft.

I had a bitch of a time finding Snowflake Obsidian beads! I actually bought some off Etsy. The gal's name is Oceanbeads. Nice things too. I got Turquoise Hearts, Hematite Stars, Dalmation Agate Orbs, Snowflake and Regular Orbs so I'm happy...Now I hafta sit and make something with them. Got plenty of ideas rolling about in my empty cranium.

We'll speak again soon...