Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm destashing!!!

Yeah me!!!

I have things in the cellar that I bought to use to see if I liked and then decided that I didn't or that there was no way in Hades that I could even remotely do it...sort of a buyer's/crafter's remorse...but I've been listing it all in my Etsy shop as Destash/Supplies...
I've even sold a couple of things already...I still have plenty lurking down there. It's just to darned cold to spend too long of a time down there...

I have candlemaking stuff and wire working stuff and stitchery kits that I haven't touched...sigh. They're nice too...Native American pictures are three of them and the other has North American Endangered Species. There's books and supplies for some of the things also.

I'm not in the mood, because it's too cold, for putting all the pictures up, so I'll put in the link instead.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

More New DreamWebs

I've been as busy as a one armed paper hanger with fleas...YIKES! Working part time is supposed to be LESS stressful than working full a pig's eye! The last couple of days, I've been running around like Mike the Headless Chicken buying supplies to make more DreamWebs...Dang!! I dunno! But I've done 3 brand new ones and have one that I made in November for Chickenstock and for DS's girlfriend's birthday.
My new ones are for the spring. Goddess I hope we HAVE a spring. As I sit here at the buttcrack of dawn (1/4 of 6) with the air temp being a 7 whole degrees and the windchill below zero, I'm planning on taking out the famous groundhog if he predicts 6 more weeks of winter. It'll be just like Caddyshack...
The DreamWeb from November is called New Age Leopard. It's pink, tan and cream argyle with red and orange leopard spots. Typical 00's Goth...

For Valentine's Day, I did the typical Hearts...I've done this one before and it usually sells well.

This one's for St. Patrick's Day...White with Green Shamrocks.

This one was an impulse. One of the POEST gals suggested that I use stones and I haven't used them in quite a while...I made one with Amethyst for a POGO person's mother and other than that, I haven't used them. The last one was for my MIL and that was a few years back. It had shell birds and Amethyst because it was for her February birthday.

I went to Michael's and found this stone called Cherry Quartz. I picked it up and I liked it, so I hemmed and hawed and finally went to the fabric square aisle and found a really neat print of pink Peacock eyes on a camel background. It came out really nicely. I try not to have favourites, but she's definitely one.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Making Protective Mirrors.

These can be really effective to keep the bad vibes/juju from making your home or yourself uncomfortable.

Mirrors-you can buy a value pack at Michael's Craft Stores. Any shape is fine. They come in Square, Octagonal and Round.
Black Cord or Ribbon-for hanging loop and feathers
Black Felt (optional)for a backing
Silver Bead-one for each mirror Sterling is best, but silver coloured works also.
9 Black Feathers-from a Frizzled Hen is best, but any would work in a pinch. I use ones that Obelisk the Tormentor, my Leghorn hen has moulted.
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
These are the mundane things to use.

The magickal ones are:
Incense-Sandalwood is pleasing to almost everyone. Frankincense and Myrrh, Violet, Cedar and Sage, Juniper, Cinammon, Clove, are also good for protection.
Sun and Moon or Rain and Sun

First thing is to wash the mirrors. Soap and water is fine. Let dry.
Saturday is the best day of the week to do a protection spell, which is what the mirrors are. If you can't do it on a Saturday, when the moon is going from New to Full is good. I know that some folks will beg to differ, but that's okay too. I do it then because it increases the power of the spell.
Put the mirrors outside. They will be charged by the sun and the moon. If it's raining that's okay too. Snow's good too.

Leaving the mirrors out for a week is best, but even a few days will work.

Now you can take the charged mirrors and charm them.
If you're a ceremonial witch, now you draw your quarters and call the guardians.

Add Sea Salt to some water. Regular table salt is fine.
Light your incense.
Those cover your four elements. Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
Salt Water-Earth and Water
Incense-Air and Fire

Pass the mirrors through the incense smoke and drip some saltwater on the mirrors or you can dip the mirrors if your bowl is large enough.

If you're more laid back, you can ask your patron God/s or Goddesses for their protection. I like to use Anubis, because he's a watchdog. Any of your protective deities of your path will work.

Close your quarters, thank your patrons for their help, and let the incense burn down and the saltwater evaporate.

Let the mirrors dry completely.

Next step is to get your felt, if you want, ribbon or cord, bead and feathers all together.
Spark up the old glue gun.
The mirrors can in 5 packs for the size I bought.

The Spools of Ribbons and the Beads. These are Spacers.

The Felt Backing and the Hanging Loop.

9 Black Feathers.
Making the Feathers into a Bunch. The Feather Quills in the Bead.

The finished products.

This bit of hoodoo comes courtesy of Lucky It's a great site...Lots of information...
This is about Black Frizzled Hens and the Feather Bundles.