Friday, September 5, 2008

Autumn has caused overwhelming creativity!

I've been working my little fingers to the bone these past few days...

I've made 8 DreamWebs. I'm surprised my glue gun hasn't caught on fire. LOL
I did pretty well at the fair this year. I sold two CellPhone Charms, 2 Tshirts, and 4 DreamWebs! AND I entered the Woodland Poppet in the Specialty Doll Category and she won a Second Place Ribbon...she's very pleased with herself.

Here's my newest DreamWebs:
This one I made for my son's friend who wanted a Halloweenish one. I didn't have any Halloween fabric so I made do.

This one is called Petroglyphs. I bought the fabric because I thought it was really nice. Then a seller on Etsy posted to a thread about Mexican things...and she had the focal bead and I snagged it! It was PERFECT for the piece! And it all came together well.

I Heart Dogs!! I've had this fabric for a's printed with pet names like Bubba and Fluffy and Spot and Kitty.
I Heart Cats!!! Same Fabric, just used Cat Scrapbooking Buttons...tell ya what though. Using the shapes is a bitch! I've ripped these out and started over at least 5 times on each of them.
That NewWhite Magick...sort of a play on the ancient song, "That Old Black Magic" This one is new for Halloween/Samhain '08. Michael's was having a 2for $3 on the Jesse James Scrapbooking Buttons and I went hogwild...The Stars and the Pony beads glow in the dark.
Trick or Treat!!! I bought Debbie Mumm fabric at Joann's because I think I had much left...This is a cute Halloween/Samhain one, new for 08.
Starlit Alchemy This was another hard one to make...I stumbled across "wizard school" scrapbooking buttons and got a brainstorm...
Cowgirl Up!! I go to a board where the folks are horse crazy so I couldn't resist.