Saturday, June 16, 2012

Still on a Jewelry Binge...

It's me again...yeah, it's been quite a sorry bout dat. 

Still having the Jewelry Bug nibbling at my brain stem like Mynocks chewing on power cables.

Aren't they too cute? Ahggoooo!!! Ummm...right moving right along...

This one is a Collaborative Effort with SageHealer. I got the Clay Thunderbird Focal, the BlueLaced Agate and the "Turquoise" from her.  She was going to use the Pendant for something but it didn't quite do it. So I snagged it. The whole thing came out pretty good, I think. I used fake leather to macrame the  beads into the necklace. 

Then there was the Native American Forum Team Challenge. It was the Circle of the Year, of Life etc.

The Focal in this one was Black Lipped Abalone that I snagged from Aneurythm's shop. It's carved with Circles in a Spiral Pattern. It also has AB Glass and Clear Glass Beads along with Shell Beads and some sort of clay/resin beads with teeny itty bitty beads in em. This is a really beautiful piece too.

DH actually thought I had bought it, which is high praise indeed.

I also actually found the focal for the Cobalt and Copper Cathedral Beads that I had gotten from Diana of LunaEssence. I actually bought it off Ebay (boo hiss)This has Navy Blue Ceramic Beads also.

These are the same Amber Glass Beads that I used in the Contradiction in Terms necklace. Just a complete difference between the two using basically the same beads. Amazing isn't it?

I got the Rhodonite Focal from Diana at the same time as I got the Kambaba Jasper and the Cathedral Beads. I found the Purple Ceramic Beads at one of the craft stores and they went really well, I think.
There's also Green AB Bicones, and Sterling Spacers. I made earrings and a bracelet also.

There's plenty more things I've done, but I'll stop here...There'll be plenty of time to show more goodies...

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