Saturday, June 28, 2008

What a slacker I am...

It's not that I haven't been doing things...I really and truly have...I just haven't posted anything...
Bad girl, no soup for me...

I was inspired, actually clubbed over the head by the inspiration to make like a simple doll...It was like being mauled by a rabid hybrid of an alligator and a Tasmanian Devil...just got me and wouldn't let go!!!
I also made some more DreamWebs:
Chicken Themed Ones:
The top one was going to be a raffle prize at this year's Chickenstock, but I managed to catch a bug and can't go...The feathers are from Jerry Remy, Tom Brunanski, (I can't believe I had any of her feathers) Slifer the Sky Dragon and Miss MoneyPenny: all of my dearly departed feather babies.

A Sleeping Greenman:
I had gotten a pair of ceramic green man faces when my DS and I has stayed with my SIL in NH and we went to a couple of rock shops...the feathers I used for him came from the annoying Quaker Parrots at my petshop.

A rich coloured Chocolate Brown/Teal one that I've labelled SemiSweet:
The fabric I had to buy because it jumped out at me and the bone beads and tagua nut beads I bought on that same rock shopping trip...The green beads are glass with blue flowers in them.

There's also a relative of this coming: Same material but different decorations. You'll love it...It's another rich looking dreamWeb.

Here is the piece that I had to make, was COMPELLED to make!

I call her a Woodlands Poppet. Her clothes are violet, with a print of butterflies and what might be ladyslippers and seed pods.

Doesn't she have such a cute face?
She's holding a bouquet of roses and there's a butterfly along for the ride.

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